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In 8 weeks you will ...
Have the confidence you need to be yourself around your adult children.
Know how to minimalize your painful feelings.
Know how to love when you don't feel valued.
Know "how" to feel the way you want to feel.
This means no more...
Walking on eggshells around your children.
Spinning in hurt, sadness, and disappointment.
Wondering where you went wrong as a parent.
Allowing them to control how you feel.

When you work with me, you get...

Bonnie Lyman, Coach for moms with adult children, stands with her hands on her hips, smiling at the camera


Eight, 1:1, weekly, 1 hour private calls.  I show you the thoughts you are thinking that are causing you to feel hurt. I guide you through choosing thoughts that results in you changing the relationship with your child.


A specific activity to practice the following week to help you learn to focus on optimism and your new thoughts which will cause you to feel peace and love in your relationship with your adult child.


After each session, I send you a podcast that reinforces the tool I taught you that week that clarifies why this tool is so useful.


BONUS: I send you the book “Self Coaching 101” by Brooke Castillo, which explains The Model which is the formula, the foundation I use, to help you change your emotional life.

I help women connect with their adult children.

I work with smart women, just like you, who are feeling disrespected, unimportant, unappreciated, and guilty but are committed to finding a way to having a more satisfying relationship with their adult children.

I teach women how to strengthen:
  1. Their emotional connection with their adult children
  2. Their ability to feel compassion, regardless of their children’s behavior.

There is one simple to understand formula, the Model, that I use as a foundation for my coaching. Once I’ve helped you learn to apply this formula, not only will your relationship with your adult children be strengthened, but also it will also help you solve any other problem you are having in your life.

The Model is easy to understand but harder to apply. But that’s my job as your coach; to help you develop the skill of feelings the feelings you want to feel more of the time, and feeling less the ones you don’t want to feel.

I give women who are hurting the self-confidence to create the life they only dreamed was maybe possible.

Interested in working with me? 
Here's how to get started.


Book a strategy call by clicking on the "Book A Call" tab and filling out the request form. 


I will send you an email, within 24 hours, confirming a time I can meet with you on a Zoom call. 


I will ask you some questions; you reply back to me with the information I requested.


Then we get on a call and talk.  We decide what's the next step to navigating this relationship.


If you're ready to make a commitment to changing your life, I offer the best solution for you to make that happen.  I love working with smart women, just like you that are willing to go all in on themselves to living a happier life. 
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