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I Help Women Change Their Relationships with Their Adult Children.
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Three Steps to Being Yourself in Your Relationships with Your Adult Children
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Can you imagine having the most amazing relationship with your adult children that you ever dreamed possible? I help women who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who are feeling disrespected, unloved, sad, and resentful in their relationship with adult children. Not only do I help them learn what the root cause of their pain is, but also how to feel peace, love, and relief regardless of what their children say or do.

What Past Clients Say

My relationship with my youngest child was very toxic and tense.  After meeting with Bonnie, I realized that my daughter had her agency, just like me, and I was the one who needed to change.   After our first consultation, Bonnie helped me see things from a different and better perspective. I could see that I needed to work on myself and change my thoughts so that I could feel better. Changing my thoughts was hard at first, and it is still something I work on every day but my relationship with my daughter has improved so much!
- Jennifer
Because I felt heartbroken from what I thought was due to how my children treated me, I reached out to Bonnie for coaching.  I was feeling unloved and neglected by my adult kids. I learned a different way to view their treatment of me. I was able to give them benefit of the doubt. I felt better about myself and my thoughts during the harder times. I can’t make up bad things in my mind about my children and believe the worst and expect to feel love toward them. I’ve stopped blaming myself if things are not perfect between my kids and myself. I have learned that if I choose loving thoughts, I feel peace and everything is better.
- Althea
I was suffering because of my adult children’s choices.  They were following different values that were not in line with my values. I was resentful, discouraged, troubled and hurting. I wanted to avoid my children. I was hoping to dig out of the cave of pain I was living in. I had tried therapy and a coaching membership program but I was still suffering.  It wasn't until I got one-on-one coaching with Bonnie that I got the results I needed. She showed me the thoughts I was holding on to that were keeping me stuck in my cave of pain, not my children's behavior. I am now living and loving on purpose. I have learned to acknowledge the hurt and pain, talk to my brain and to have confidence in the person and mother that I am…the good, the bad and the ugly…and still know that I am amazing.
- Julie
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