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We're best of friends. We just haven't met yet.

Hello, I'm Bonnie. I am a Life Coach. We would have been best of friends if we had met already. Now, we're going to become just that.
I am a mother of 5 grown up kids. I am a convert member to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Like you, I'm still learning how to not feel unimportant, unappreciated, and distant in my relationship with my children. But rather to feel love, peace, acceptance, and self respect. I am trying to practice maximizing my connection with my adult children. I am no longer suffering but instead I am creating the feelings I want in my relationships with my grown up kids.
My desire is to love as the Savior loves. My desire is to see my children as Heavenly Father sees them and as he sees me…..imperfect humans just doing the best we know how; all at different levels of spiritual and emotional maturity.

When my children made some unexpected choices, choices with eternal consequences, I had the "socks knocked off me". I know how painful it can feel watching your adult children make some unexpected, undesirable choices. I know what it feels like to feel unimportant in their lives or unappreciated or forgotten or slighted. I know this because I felt all those feelings.

In 2014 I was trained by Brooke Castillo at The Life Coach School. She taught me the source of any painful feeling I ever had or would have. She taught me I was in the control seat to choose any feeling I wanted to feel.
After serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, from 2015-2016, I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. Four years later I began my journey as a Life coach, serving other women who were also struggling in navigating life with adult children.
The techniques I learned, that taught me how to solve any problem, are the foundation of my coaching program.
The tools I teach my clients are the same ones that help me enjoy my children and my life more. They also helped me develop a closer relationship with my Heavenly Father.
It is a privilege and honor everyday to help women obtain the results they are so wanting in their relationships.

I believe it is my mission in life to offer the tools to mothers to know how to remove the pain in their relationship with an adult child. I also to teach them tools to have more love and compassion for themselves.

Together we can achieve results that strengthen families and cause us to live fulfilling lives.

I am grateful that I l had the opportunity to learn these tools.

And I can help you learn them too.❣️ 


"In just a short time in working with Bonnie, I found myself going to a place of "love" instead of judgement when I found myself in a situation where I could have felt slighted, insignificant, skipped over, ignored, put down or devalued. I have learned new steps in not taking things so personally and being able to develop new thought patterns. I feel so much more like myself! And I experience so much less contention in my heart and mind. Thank you, Bonnie, for teaching me that love always wins."


"In just a short time she was able to teach me the CTFAR Model which I have tried to implement in my thinking and reactions to situations. It is something new for me, so I have to work to discard old thinking that creeps in. I've had two thoughts stick with me: I have NO control over anyone but ME and I cannot control how anyone else thinks or feels! I would recommend Bonnie as a Life Coach to any woman who thinks she needs to make some changes in her self-thoughts and/or relationships."


"I enjoyed my coaching hour each week with Bonnie. My 4 sessions built upon each other, teaching me that it was my thoughts that were causing all my painful feelings; not what other people did or said. Learning the CTFAR Model was a game changer. Bonnie showed me how to apply the Model daily and helped me implement it when I couldn't figure out how to change my thoughts. I have a happier relationship with my parents and my adult children because of the coaching sessions I had with Bonnie."


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