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Episode #13:
When Your Children Leave The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

kids leave church
It upsets our lives when our children stray from what we tried so diligently and purposely to teach them. We grieve over our heartbrokenness ..... which is a very healthy and repairing thing to do. But then what? Sometimes we get so stuck in our despair and disappointment that it has a major impact on our lives. We want to accept what they have done and move on with our lives but we don't know how to. If we can view what's going on in our children's lives from a different perspective, we can begin to grow away from judgment, inching our way to acceptance and then love. Part of Heavenly Father's plan was that we would all make mistakes; some of life's lessons are best learned from mistakes. We are either judging each other or loving each other.....judgement never feels good; love always feels best. Tune in to learn how to get out of despair and into acceptance, peace, and love.
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