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Episode #40:

bonnie lyman podcast
What keeps us from admitting the truth? We say everything is “fine” when it’s not fine. We might be thinking, 'well, others have it worse'. But that’s not your reality right now; things aren't fine. There is such benefit in admitting the truth. It helps bring us to reality of what we can change to make it fine and what we don’t have control over to change. This causes us to more confidently answer the question of “what now” when things are not fine? People respect you more when you speak the truth. Speaking the truth is permissible if we are kind and respectful when we do it. You will respect yourself more also if you are truthful with yourself. We are all wonderful and we are all messy. Being truthful not only helps you know what parts of you you want to improve on but also what parts you don’t want to change.
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