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Episode #39:
Showing Up As The Person You Want To Be

Bonnie Lyman podcast
We assumed most of our lives when we were feeling offended or angry or some other negative emotion it was the fault of someone or something outside of us. We didn't have the emotional maturity to understand that we are responsible for how we want to feel. Another interesting concept we don't explain well is that it's how we feel causes how we behave. People that are happy usually are kind to others. People that are hurting often hurt others. So if our feelings cause us to act like one kind of person, it is only reasonable that we figure out how to feel that feeling that will cause us to show up as the kind of person we want to be. In order to feel a certain way, we need to think thoughts that will cause that feeling. It's easier to be a victim to our circumstances than to take responsibility for choosing our feelings by managing our thoughts. Listen to learn the 5 steps to show up as the person you want to be.
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