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Episode #10:
People That Hurt Others Are Hurting

hurting others bonnie lyman
This has been the most influential, amazing concept I have learned from being trained as a life coach. I need to give credit where credit is due, to my mentor and instructor Brooke Castillo. Responsible adults do not intentionally wake up in the morning with the intention to make someone feel bad. When your adult children say things to that are unkind, do things that are hurtful, or seemingly ignore you, they are not intentionally wanting to cause you to have thoughts that cause you to feel hurt. They are hurting; there is something in their life with which they are struggling. We all struggle with something. When you can embody this concept, you are on the threshold of learning how to love and have compassion for your adult children. Tune in to learn how to be a kinder, compassionate person.
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