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Episode #30:
One Answer to Parental Despair

Parental despair
I share with you excerpts and some paraphrasing of what Joseph Grenny believes is causing most of the despair among parents with children who have strayed. (From an article in the Meridian Magazine, July 7, 2022. Link below). Not only from their faith, but also from coping with the challenges of life in a healthy way. He gets his insights from Jacob 4 and 5 in the Book of Mormon. Even if you are not a member of this faith, I think you will find his words very comforting and hopeful. I quote him: "Most of the epidemic of family despair in the Church today is optional....Satan entices us to satisfy our immediate hunger for resolution by surrendering either our beliefs or our optimism". Listen to my insights and personal stories on this podcast. I would encourage you to read Jacob 4 and 5 in the Book of Mormon; then read the article below.
"Jacob's Answer to Parental Despair: The Olive Tree and the Antichrist", Joseph Grenny
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