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Episode #20:
Mother's Day

Mother's Day
Mother's Day is much too often the worst day of the year for a lot of women. But if we were to change our perspective on what Mother's Day is all about, it can be a very heartfelt, tender and loving day. My heart goes out to those women who wanted children and were never able to have any and to those women who have had children who died in their lifetime and to those women and to those women who placed children for adoption. If you are a mom and making Mother's Day about you, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. It is not about you. If you change your perspective and focus on all the great mother figures in your life, you will have a very beautiful day. Every women born, was born with the traits to be a mother figure, not only to her own children but also to all children and to other women needing help. Women have a special gene that enables them to naturally uplift others. Tune in to have a happier Mother's Day than what you might be expecting.
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