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Episode #11:
Life With Adult Children Struggling With Independence With Jodi Schilling

Jodi Schilling
I am excited to be interviewing Jodi Schilling today. She is a certified Life Coach who works with moms who are navigating raising children with neuro diversity. A neuro divergent child is a child that is born with significant challenges in learning and in communicating their needs.

She doesn't view being neuro divergent as being negative. After all, we all struggle with learning and communicating. These children were born with more severe neuro disabilities, jeopardizing their ability to learn at the same ability as many other children.

Jodi helps moms first grieve; then start transforming themselves from being a broken mom to one that is happy and confident. She helps them feel confident enough to know when to assist and when to let their children exercise their own independence.

Tune in to listen to her perspective on what your role as a mom is when children with neuro diversity become adults.
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