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Episode #48:
Lessons Learned From Brooke Castillo

I was so inspired when I spent three days listening to Brooke Castillo share how to live the life you want. My biggest take away is that most of us are not living our happiest life because we haven't "decided" to commit to living a happy life. Some quotes I shared in this episode that she said....."Everything you struggle with, you choose to struggle with."...."What does it take to make a decision? You either do it or you don't."...."You don't need someone's consent to love them." Brooke Castillo created the Model. It is the foundation for my coaching. I hope you will invest in your mental health. If not with me then with someone else. Taking care of our mental health is more than getting physical exercise. It's learning how to mentally exercise.

Have you considered getting guidance on how to live a happier life with your adult children? One on one coaching is a way to make that happen. 
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