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Episode #24:
How To Feel Self-Assured As A Parent Of Adult Children: An Interview With Meg Tilton

Meg Tilton
We know seeking after perfection is not good for our mental health. But we really want that family with those adult kids to be a little more perfect. That image of what we thought life with adult children would look like is often crushed by their behavior and our perspective of something has gone wrong. But the messy parts of life are not bad; they are not only just the parts of life that didn't work out but also they are the parts of life that offer us wisdom.....our lesson in life. Did you know that your parenting has nothing to do with your child's behavior as adults? There are no negative emotions; we just have emotions. If we listen to them and validate them, they will serve us. Example: When Meg was feeling anger, she figured out that she was really just feeling resentment. Resentment was trying to tell her to stand up for herself. She gives so many helpful ways to process these feelings that we feel are harmful to our emotional well-being but how to use them to help us feel self-assured and act like the person who self-validates themselves.

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