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Love may not be convenient or easy or deserved or excepted.

But love always wins.

Brooke Castillo has said “why choose not to feel love towards someone?  Love feels amazing.  Do we not want to feel amazing?   Lack of love is just you not feeling it(love)……The truth is you get to feel love whenever you want……Nothing that anyone does or doesn't do can ever deny you that feeling……You know if you love everyone it doesn't necessarily benefit everyone, but it certainly benefits you ….. You don't have to do anything you don't want to but you get to feel that emotion(love) inside of you and you get to own it. This is what unconditional love is. It's the ultimate gift you give yourself.

President Nelson told us in The the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Christmas devotional, December 2018, that the atonement offers us the gift of 1) being able to love people that are difficult to love and 2) being able to forgive people that don't deserve to be forgiven . That gift is a power given to us so it is possible to feel the amazing gift of grace that accompanies love.

It enables both the offenders and the offendees to longer no longer feel hate but to feel;  Anyone that chooses love, wins.

In the book “Unforgiven”, by Laura Hillenbrand, the story is told of a man captured by the Japanese in World War II, who was severely beaten by a Japanese officer. Louis Zemperini any was transferred to another POW camp and was hopeful of escaping this man's brutality.  But that was not his luck. The Japanese Officer requested to be transferred to the same camp so that he could carry out his torture on Louis.  Long after the war was over and this officer had paid his time for his war crime, Louis Zamperini sought him out to tell him he had forgiven him.  Louis was free from that awful feeling that accompanies hate.  They have remained good friends.

When my mother died , her wedding rings were in the possession of my brother. I asked him about them and told him I would love to have them . He said he would keep the small diamond engagement ring and I could have the tiny wedding band . I was fine with that arrangement. The next day he called to tell me that he was keeping both rings because he felt I had abandoned our family when I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I was hurt but I didn't express my feelings. Instead I said " my relationship with you is more important than having one of mom 's rings. Keep them both if you feel that is best.  The next day he handed me a little plastic bag with my mothers wedding ring in it.  All I said was " thank you.  I love you Dennis.”

Love always wins.

 One of Christ closest friends betrayed him; the apostles standing guard for him in Gethsemane while he was going through not only suffering but also aloneness, fell asleep; when Christ was arrested and scourged he was alone; the next day, is dearest apostle denied him; as he hung on the cross , only one disciple and his mother were there to comfort him…. where were the other 10.

He was able to bear all of this alone because he loved us.   Christ knew the strength that comes from choosing love…. Even as he hung on the cross he was loving his malefactors, asking God to forgive them

Love wins every time..

Christ won, because of His love for us, we win victory over the grave and spiritual death.  All because one man was willing to love us more.

If you are seeking to live a Christ-like life, choose love first, and forever.

You will never find a story where hating someone made the hater feel anything but anguish and vile.  So if you have a choice love, choose love…..only if you want to get through this life the happiest way possible.

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