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As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints I go to church every Sunday.  

My main purpose is to attend Sacrament Meeting to take the Sacrament to show my appreciation to Jesus Christ for covering my mistakes through the sacrifice he made for me by suffering in my place. 

It is also a time to reflect on how I can remember him by being more like him.

My husband shared an experience he had in his Priesthood meeting this week that prompted me to not only choose this topic for my post but mainly about what I should be doing better in my life that might cause me to help in creating a better world for mankind but mainly my community.

I don’t really know the circumstance that was discussed, but a comment was made by the facilitator that sounded like a loving challenge, “If it doesn’t start with us, than who.”

It’s always easy to blame someone else as to why there isn’t more civility in our country. But what if “it starts with me!”

That statement prompted me to start thinking about what else was the purpose of going to church. Number one will always be to take the Sacrament to remember and revere Jesus Christ.  But then what?

I believe I need to learn at church what Christ-like attribute I am to work on for the week…..or month. I  work on making that attribute a part of me for as long as it takes to facilitate that quality to be a part of who I am.  

I practice that attribute until it is a habit that I act out as often as my imperfect humanness allows me to.

I go to church looking for the attribute of Christ that I need to be working on right now.  

If I go to church believing that God is conspiring in my favor, my brain will help me identify which example of Christ I need to be working on this week.

When the desire of my heart is to acquire that Christ-like trait, I will learn how to overcome challenges that keep me from changing into this better version of me; my brain will help me find the strategies I need to become Christ-like.

I find myself having the desire to become more like Christ but, often, not having discipline to practice being like Him.  I short myself, my family and my community by not being the person I want to be.

Here are some strategies that have helped me be a better follower of Christ.

  1. Go to Church with an intentional desire to learn which Christ-like attribute to commit to.
  2. Listen to learn what that attribute acts like.
  3. Identify why you want to have that characteristic.
  4. Imagine how it will make you feel when you exemplify that quality.
  5. Describe what that feeling feels like in your body.
  6. Practice feeling that feeling by acting out what that feeling does.
  7. Write down everyday what you were thinking when you acted out that Christ-like attribute.
  8. Write down what you were feeling when you were being more Christ-like.
  9. Celebrate the affect your change in behavior has had in bringing civility to your little sphere of those in your life.
  10. Keep being this new version of you.

We were born to want to be good.  We get so busy wanting other things that we just forget what really brings us the most happiness….practicing being Christ-like.

I challenge you to really listen with the spirit the next time you go to Church.  Be listening for the Christ-like quality you need to be working on right now. 

Not which one your husband or your children need to work on but which one is going to help you be the most loving person that just brings love to the world.

Being Christ-like is being full of love.

Love always wins because love always feels best.

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