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I don’t even know these people, nor their names.  But they had a great impact on my life today.

I had just listened to President Nelson’s (the president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) message to the world.  [Listen here.  You’ll be glad you did].  

My mind was focused the many things I was grateful for. 

This couple came into the chemo room where I was getting my quarterly infusion and sat down in the chair next to me.

As they began conversing with the nurse who was setting up his last chemo treatment, I thought "his last round of chemo....I bet this is a great day for him"; he was so upbeat, and positive and friendly.

As I caught a few words of the conversation with the nurse…..hospice, tumor still growing, not a good day…..I knew this was the end of life for this man.

I was humbled; I had just been told by my doctor that my numbers were good and that the multiple myeloma was still dormant.  This man had just been told that nothing more could be done to eradicate the tumor.

It’s always good to have a wake-up call to put life into perspective.  I want my back to stop hurting.  This man wants to live. 

What do you want that you already have?  Have you ever thought about gratitude from that perspective?

Gratitude is a feeling cultivated by focusing on and thinking about those things you are grateful for in your life.

The Oxford dictionary defines gratitude as the quality of being grateful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

We can be grateful by wanting what we already have.

When we want what we already have, we live our lives from the perspective of abundance.  When we think about what we want in the future from an abundance mindset, we feel grateful, confident, and hopeful.  

When we have the thought, I have so little, I want so many more things, we live our lives from the perspective of scarcity.  This thought causes us to feel deprived and entitled

I will share with you a part of my lists in hopes you will see the impact of wanting what you already have.

Here are 15 things that I want:

  1. More energy
  2. A skylight in the bathroom
  3. Improved short term memory
  4. My 2 inactive sons to feel God’s love
  5. My back to stop hurting
  6. Listen more/talk less
  7. Improve my coaching skills
  8. Judge no one
  9. Live on less sleep
  10. Never offend anyone, especially my husband
  11. Learn how to act that people feel good about themselves after they have been around me.
  12. Have my calling and election made sure
  13. Repaint the inside of the house.
  14. Clean out my closets
  15. Go to the Rome Temple

Here are 15 things that I want that I already have:

  1. Launch my Life Coaching business
  2. Running water in the house
  3. Grandkids
  4. A husband
  5. A house
  6. My children
  7. A car
  8. Food in the house
  9. A nice bed
  10. A smart phone
  11. See my grandkids
  12. My body
  13. Sealed to my family
  14. Heater to heat my house
  15. Washing machine/dryer

President Nelson has asked us to practice focusing on being grateful by writing for 7 days on social media about what or who we are grateful for and tell why?  In essence, he’s asking us to focus on what we want that we already have.

Male a list of 25 things you want that you already have, and then you’ll be able to “count your blessings, one by one”.

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