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MiMi, Harvey and Jack, "Lovey"

In the words of Brooke Castillo, “love just loves”.  We don’t have to wait for it to be given to us…….we get to love who ever we want to love.I

We don’t have to get their permission or approval to love someone.

They don’t have to deserve to be loved.

They don’t have to even want us to love them.

We get to just love everyone!!!

Nothing feels better than love; nothing feels worse than hate… why don’t we choose love every chance we get?

My two grandsons each have a “lovey”.  A lovey is something you just get to love on.  Their loveys are stuffed animals.  You know, the kind that get so much love they look as if they have been run over, multiple times, by a truck; that when they’re lost or left behind, the child’s life can’t go on until he gets his “lovey” back.

Parents are willing to sacrifice turning around from being half-way between Spokane and Seattle to get “Lovey”, who didn’t make it into the car.

My grandkids’ loveys never give them any love in return.  But my grandkids can’t go to sleep or stop crying until their lovey is close to them.

My granddaughter MaryAnn (age 8) still takes her lovey to bed.  (I wonder if she knows her parents bought two duplicate “bunnys” so that they didn’t have to through the stress when “bunny” was lost.)

Why and when did we stop loving our adult children like when they were our “loveys”? When did we soup feeling unconditional love to our children when they grew out of being cuddly, little, helpless baby humans but grew into adults?

They grew up and stopped needing us like they stopped needing their loveys.  They found other humans to love.  They love us; but they don’t NEED us, as dependently as they did.  But isn’t that what we wanted?  Independent children; children moving out of the house and into their own house. The problem is that our thoughts are blocking's from feeling the love they have for us if they are not showing it to us in a way that we expect an adult child to show love to their mother.  

Love is the gift you give yourself.  It’s not something you get from someone else.  What a painful thought to have that your child doesn’t love you.  I’ve been there.  There was a time when I thought I repulsed one of my children.  Maybe I did, and still do.  But I choose to think, even if it’s not true, they love me and just have a different way to show it than what I initially expected,.  It allows me to love on that child no matter what they do or don’t do.  

You can’t make someone feel love for you.  You can’t expect someone to love you back even when you are their mother.  Do want to be loved out of obligation? I don't.

You can’t expect someone to feel love because you love them.  You can’t jump inside their body and cause love to spark inside them.  

Love is a feeling; a feeling is a vibration in our bodies; a feeling is caused by sentences in our brains.  Not from words or gestures from others.

It’s possible that you are the circumstance that triggers loving thoughts in a person’s brain that would cause them to feel love for you.  But I can remember loving a boy in high school so much that I made myself sick from him not loving me back.  I, apparently, wasn’t triggering any good vibes with that young man.  

We are either loving someone or judging them.  We can tell when we are loving on them, because we will feel an amazing vibration in our bodies that only love offers.  If loving someone feels better than judging someone, I’m going to opt in favor of choosing love,

Love is always available.

Love is always an option.

Love is always the best choice.

Love always wins; you can’t argue against love.

We can learn a lot from those little humans that just love on their “loveys”.  Even though someone doesn’t treat us with kindness and gratitude and remembrance and respect, we can choose to love on them; we can choose ton love those that are difficult to love; those that are underserving of our love. We Can do this, because love just loves. And it feels so good love.

I choose love because I don’t want to miss out on feeling the greatest emotion that only LOVE offers. I try to choose it every time, because love always work out any situation to be a win win circumstance. LOVE ALWAYS WINS.

What say you?

If you would like help loving on purpose, I can help you learn to choose love. It’s magic and it’s wonderful, all rolled into one simple formula.   Click below to sign up for a free 60 minute consult.  I can’t wait to help you.  xo

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