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Most mornings we wake up with the same thought(s) that generate the same feeling.  If you don’t like the feeling you wake up with, did you know you can train your brain to have generally the same thought, well, at least be in the same neighborhood of thoughts; thoughts that cause pleasant feelings?

But as in any change, it takes awareness, intentionality, and practice.

I can’t imagine any of us waking up every morning wanting to be unhappy.  Our negative thoughts can trick our brain into telling it to find evidence for something we don’t want to feel.

This is what a mismanaged brain looks like; a toddler running around with a sharpie causing all sorts of marks in places we don’t want there to be marks.  Our brain takes a negative thought, maybe, “I don’t want to get out of bed” and turns it into a negative feeling.

Starting the day feeling good is available to all of us but it may take some work.  Just believing feeling good is always available is a start. 

When we manage our brain to focus on something good that’s happening, our brain will find it.

A good thought causes a good feeling.

There are times when its best to feel sad and not resist it, for example when something you love dies.

But when we want to intentionally feel good, it’s our responsibility to manage our brain to do so.  It is not the responsibility of someone else or something else.

We spend too much time and energy “waiting” for happiness rather than “creating” happiness.

We can create happiness by managing our brains to look for small and simple things that make us feel good.

When we were in Africa, most people were always happy.  These people didn’t know where their next meal was coming from; how far they would have to go to get clean water; or if their children would live a better life.

They were happy to have a body with two legs and feet and maybe a pair of shoes to get them where they needed to go; they were happy they lived in a warm climate; they were happy to have friends and family to love.

My point is their focus was on simple things, not magnificent things or happenings.  It was if they understood that happiness was available just by being able to choose.  It was one thing poverty did not have control over.

We can begin by telling ourselves the first thought we have when we wake it up, ‘it’s going to be a good day.”

Then rehearse in your mind why it’s a good day in your life…….

I am glad I have a bed to sleep in.

I am glad I have access to running water.

I am glad I have a body.

I am glad I can take a hot bath.

I am glad I have a family.

I am glad I have friends.

I am glad I have a brain

Some days we just have bad days but focusing on the good lightens up the day.  Sometimes our brain just needs a little help finding some positive thoughts.

Find something you love about every day.  Pretty soon it will be just something you do every day.

Love always wins because you can’t argue with love.

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