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(This is a picture of my husband the week President Obama made a visit to Nairobi, Kenya.  They put up American flags for good will.)
We lived 18 months without the benefits, freedoms or opportunities that are offered to us here in America.  We loved, loved the people there.  We were there to help them believe they could follow their dreams, despite living in a country with a corrupt government that squelched, every way possible, their dreams.  
Those who never gave up trying to provide a better life for themselves and their family, succeeded. Perhaps it was only to be able to put food in their children's mouth, provide an education for them (they had to pay to go to Elementary and Secondary school), and pay for transportation to school, work and church.  Those that believed they could, succeeded.  
Right now in our country, we can find all sorts of things to complain about.  I choose to focus on all the many, many advantages we inherently acquire by just being born in this country.  But it seems there are many that focus on the weaknesses of our country.  I believe that we all have equal (not necessarily equitable) opportunity to live the life we want to live.  Where we are unequal is in the type of family we born into.  
If you were born into a family that embraced their problems, were problem solvers, and had hopes and dreams of living a good life, then you had a head start on seeing how to get ahead in this life.  If you did not have a good example in the family you were raised in, it can take longer to develop the attitude of believing you can create any type of life you want to live. 
I am weary of hearing about all the things that are not going right in our country; of the hate individuals have for public leaders; of the way individuals are trying to instigate change by hating people they hate.  Hating only causes more hate...not solutions. 
On this 4th of July and forward, I am choosing to focus on loving what this country has to offer it's inhabitants; clean water, free public schools, freedom to worship how we want, free enterprise, a local sanitization department that picks up my garbage every week....and more.
Our country was founded on God fearing principles.  A public official in Kenya asked me why had so many Americans stopped going to Church.  My answer was that they had forgotten God.  I believe that every resource, every convenience, every possession we have, is a gift from God because he is the creator of all things.  What does He want from us?...."A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you.....".  John13:34
I believe that God conspires in our favor.  All he wants us to do is love each other. He asks us to do this not to show our belief and faith in him, but because He wants us to be happy.  Loving thoughts causes us to have loving feelings.  When we feel love, we are kind and understanding and considerate and serving to others.  We have no desire to hate or harm or judge others.....because
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