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[Love these kids.  Me, in Nairobi, Kenya 2016.  Everyone we met loved getting photographed.]
I've always been fascinated with miracles.  I believe in miracles and I think that is the first step in having miracles happen in our lives.  Is a miracle an ideology, a gift from God, or a coincidental circumstance?  Whatever it is, it's always wonderful when a miracle happens in our lives.  I like to give credit to God for EVERY good thing that happens in my life, so I believe miracles are gifts from God.  
I don't think we realize that miracles are happening around us every day.  We often use the cliche, "Oh, it would take a miracle."  We breathing on our own everyday(and I've been doing that for 72 years) is a miracle.  Just look for them....they're all around us.
I was telling my son, who no longer goes to church, of all these little incidents that were unexpectantly popping up in my life that were solving some of the challenges in my life; incidents that were in my favor with little effort on my part.   I told him about how I have someone who cleans my house twice a month, but she had given me notice that she was moving; I wanted to find a replacement.  I was driving past my neighbor's house and saw a little red car parked in front of her house....I'd think I had seen it there before.  My thought was I bet ther's a cleaning person at her house right now.  So I stopped and knocked on the door to inquire.  Sure enough there was a woman cleaning her house; a woman who I even knew from my Zumba class.  Five minutes later I had hired a new cleaning person.  My son's reply was "Mom, it was just a little miracle that happened in your life."
In General Conference (a 2 day conference put on by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) one year one of the speakers, Elder McConkie, was asked the question, why aren't miracles happening on the earth today like there were when Jesus walked on the earth.  His answer "because we don't expect miracles to happen". 
In our church, the first Sunday of every month we fast (go without food and water for 24 hours).  We give what we would have spent on our meals to a fund that helps pay for necessities for those in need. We also dedicate our prayers for a specific purpose; for example, to help find a cure for Covid.  A friend told his children that if they dedicated their prayers for something worthy, they could expect a miracle to happen in their lives every month.  
My husband and I served a mission for our Church in Kenya, Africa.  We were there for 18 months...the length we were asked to serve.  Two months after returning home I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.  I loved everything about our mission.  I never had any symptoms until the week I arrived back home.  I call it a miracle that I didn't have to come home early.
Our brain finds what we tell it to look for; whether it's how to cure Covid or how to have a better relationship with our adult children.  If we believe in miracles, if we expect them, they will happen.
Believe that you can connect with your difficult children that want to distant themselves from you, and you will connect with a way that you never dreamed possible.
.....because LOVE LWAYS WINS.
If this resonates with you, and you would like me to help you connect and have a more loving relationship with your adult children,  email me.  I offer a free 50 minute consult where I help you feel what you are desiring to feel in your relationship(s).

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