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Happy new day everyone.  Thumbs up for 2021.

I like the quote “Today is a good day to be a good day”.  Let’s make that happen….or maybe not.  I see that quote every morning when I wake up on a little plaque I have hanging in my room.

Then when I’m brushing my teeth, I ask myself how I want to feel at the end of the day.  And since I’ve given that assignment to my brain, it helps me find evidence throughout the day to make that happen.

Yesterday, I got up; the sky was gray; our house is gray, literally, walls and carpet; the dirty snow looked gray; the driveway was gray!!!

I chose not to try to change my thoughts.  I chose to think, ’I think I’m going to have a gray kind of say’.  As a result, my expectations we’re low regarding what I was going to get done that day.  

I headed for the couch; turned on Netflix; then I took a 2 hour nap; then I grazed in the kitchen on some junk food.  Not one of my best days.

By 5:00 pm, I decided I’d had enough of “gray” and hopped on the treadmill for 30 minutes.

In the Northwest it’s dark by 5:00 pm.  It was if my day turned from dark to light because it’s supposed to to be dark.  And the gray could not be seen or felt because of my thoughts about the night.  It’s not gray at 5:00 pm because it is night.  Normal!  Expected!

But even though I didn’t get much accomplished, I felt empowered because I chose to have a “gray” day.

The empowerment came from:

  1.  Allowing myself to have a "gray: day.
  2. Knowing I chose the thoughts that caused me to feel “gray”.
  3. Feeling bummed all day yet knowing that would happen because I chose thoughts that kept me stuck in “gray”.
  4. Being able to choose everyday what kind of day I’m going to have by choosing to think certain thoughts.
  5. Catastrophic and tragedies happen. Accepting not every day is going to be a good day.   

We so want to avoid discomfort that we fail to remember there is opposition in all things.  When there is no sorrow, there is no joy.

Having “the good, the bad, and the ugly” in our lives gives us the chance to exercise our empowerment. Empowerment is knowing how to allow the negative days to just come and crash on us like a wave breaking on the shore and finding peace in allowing it to wash out to sea.

Empowerment is allowing negative emotion to come into our lives and understanding that what we are feeling is caused only from sentences in our minds….not from what’s happening around us.

Empowerment comes from knowing life is 50/50.  50% amazing; 50% messy.

Empowerment is knowing all of it is for not only our good but also for our happiness.

Empowerment comes from believing thoughts about someone (ie. your adult child) who is difficult to love or who rejects your love or who doesn’t deserve your love that causes you to feel love for them anyway.

                        I know he loves me.

                        I’m curious why he rejects me.

                        Things never stay the same.

                        I just love__________________.

                        Love is always available for me to choose.

                        Love is always an option for me to choose.

Love just loves.

                        LOVE ALWAYS, ALWAYS WINS.

I would be honored to show you how to always choose love.  Of all the emotions to feel, love feels best.  

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