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Hello my friends…..It’s Bonnie here, and I’m going to going to try to make “believers” out of you!  One of the strongest assets you’ll ever develop.

I can remember a time, wanting my grade school age children to learn how to play the piano.  Only problem was that we didn’t have the money to buy a piano.  

I was fixated on figuring out how to get one.  I believed fiercely that some how we would get one.

I looked into renting one; buying a used one; searching local ads to see if anyone was giving one away.  I talked to everyone I knew about what kind of used ones to buy, where I could look, asking to let me know if they heard of anyone giving their piano away.

One of the people I talked to was my mother-in-law.  Several weeks later she called to tell me that she had talked to my mother and talked her into shipping me the piano I used as a child.  And my mother-in-law would pay the shipping.

Bingo!!!  Problem solved!

It was a miracle.  There is something almost magic that happens when you fiercely believe that something can happen.  I always give credit for every good thing that happens to my Heavenly Father.  I believe it was a combination of fierce believing, effort on my part, and God conspiring in my favor.  

In February 2020, when I just began launching my Life Coaching business, my mind was kinda a mess.  My brain was bombarded by offers of online marketing courses, a huge library life coach marketing resources, and of course my daughters and son who are all life coaches sharing their marketing strategies.  All of it was useful, but it caused me to spin and doubt and little effortful action was taking place.

What I listened to repeatedly from various mentors was “Just believe you are a Life Coach and that you can help people who need your help.  When you get up in the morning don’t have the thought, what can I do to get clients, rise with the question, WHO CAN I HELP TODAY ”.

I just kept believing “Build it and they will come”.

Relentlessly I believed that if I believed there were people just waiting for me to help them, plus put in the effort to help people find me, that in time clients would come.

And they did come.  

The best part about my job, is that not only do I help my clients but also together we reaffirm each other’s belief that everything is figureoutable.  I love my clients; I love my job; many times my sessions feel sacred.  I can’t imagine where I would be today if I had quit believing that their were women out there who needed my help. 

In Mark 11:24, St. Mark says “….what things soever ye desire….believe that ye [will] receive them, and ye shall have them.

President Nelson (president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) remind us in his November 20th message to the world that “Prayer brings forth the miracle”.  Because of this proclamation I have been pondering a lot on the power of believing; a power that is available to you.

What is it you really want?  What is it you really need?

For your kids to come back to Church?

To get along with your married children’s spouses?

For adult children to move out of your house?

For there be a cure for Covid?

For your business to survive the pandemic?

For your mentally ill child be healed?

For you to always choose love in any relationship, even if they are difficult to love?

I believe in Santa Claus.  If someone, that no one has ever seen, can instill in the hearts of so many that his purpose is to spread good will throughout the world, once a year; if one person can cause, for even one night, others to believe that life is wonderful and amazing and magical and full of love, I’m going to continue to believe in him.  If you believe in him, you will start to find many Santas in your life;  “Angels” who are anxious to make your life a little more amazing if you will just believe there are those kind of people out there waiting to touch your life.

But first you have to believe that Heavenly Father has assigned people to watch over you; then you’ll recognize them when you run into them.

I believe that Jesus Christ and God know me and love me.  I can’t explain how I know that or feel that but I believe it.  Believing this gives me the strength to get through tough times.  How comforting to know that someone else understands exacting how I’m hurting.  If I didn’t believe, I would not have the power to feel comfort from Them.

I believe that we will end hate and violence in the world.  I don’t know how and I don’t have to know how;  all I have to do is believe, believe fiercely, and it will happen. 

I believe I will be with my family forever, regardless of what any of our behaviors are.  My husband and I were sealed in the Temple insuring this would be possible.   I believe this because we will be judged by our hearts; and we are all doing the best we can with whatever strengths or weaknesses we have.  

I believe that If the effects of COVID cause us to financially lose everything, we’ll figure out what we need to do to maintain our self-reliant life style.  BUT I have a stronger belief that we WON’T lose all our savings; I don't know how but I'm expecting this to be the outcome.

There is power in believing because believing feels hopeful and confident;  when I feel hopeful and confident I act with faith; when I act with faith, miracles happen.

I live an amazing life; not because I have no problems, but because I choose to believe not only is everything possible that I righteously desire but also that with God's help, the two of us will figure it out.

You can attain any desired result in this life if you just believe it will happen.

A belief is a thought you choose to think over and over again.  What miracle do you want to happen?  Write it down everyday that you believe it will happen.  Then watch the magic happen. If you believe “hard” for it to happen, it's going to happen.

You can achieve whatever you want if you choose to believe fiercely enough. 

Choose to believe you can love everyone; especially those adult children you may be struggling in connecting with.

Commit to fiercely believing that love is always an option; even for people that are difficult to love.  In doing so, you’ll live a live you never dreamed possible.


I want to help you understand how love is always an option.  I can give you exercises you can practice to always choose love.  

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